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New Infographic Informs Business-to-Business Marketers of Key Strategies and Trends

Allegra Marketing Print Mail has released a new infographic on The Ins and Outs of B2B Marketing. The infographic highlights marketing facts, channel preferences and trends...

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Formerly called Addressed Admail, it’s a cost-effective way to market to existing customers ... and a smart way to acquire new ones!

Personalized Mail™ can help you enjoy impressive savings based on the volume of your mailing, dimension choices and whether it can be processed by mail machines. Offered through Allegra, a Canada Post Partner, it enables you to:

  • Target intelligently using your in-house customer mailing list or database.
  • Find new customers by renting mailing lists or using data products to build new customer lists based on geography, business type, age, income and more. With these tools, you also can exclude current customers from your acquisition mailings.
  • Rebuild your email list by reaching out via the mailbox to comply with CASL - Canada’s anti-spam legislation. In fact, direct mail is a great way to refresh your email lists without risking fines under this law.
  • Reach addressees fast. Local deliveries take as few as two business days. Within-province mail delivery takes just four to five, while national deliveries take as few as four to eight. (Certain restrictions apply.)
  • Motivate an individual to take action by promoting a product, service, program or event, or soliciting for donations and contributions.
  • Benefit from attractive pricing. Rates do vary based on the size and weight of your mail pieces, and sorting machine processing.

Canada Post’s Personalized Mail is a great start to any direct marketing effort. Of course, we can help you with even more of it by assisting you with strategies, writing and/or designing your piece, printing it and mailing it. And, that’s no small consideration as even a modest effort may require you to fold, label, stuff, seal and sort ... before hauling your heavy tubs of mailers to the Canada Post!

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