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Dave Muhleck


  • Year Started at Allegra: 1990
  • Hometown: Clarkston, Michigan
  • Nickname: Dave
  • Snack food of choice: Goldfish crackers
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Paul Hewson
  • On my bucket list: Alaskan cruise
  • Morning beverage: Coffee (multiple doses)
  • Quirky habit: Picking on Allegra Employees
  • Hobbies/interests: Attending sporting events with my children. Some of my best memories have been made here
  • My pets: Yellow Lab, Stanley (Oldest son Josh named him in 2002 after the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. Youngest son Noah now thinks he is a family member.)
  • Funny moment at Allegra: Every morning when I look in the mirror

Mike Abel

Sales Manager

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2015
  • Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
  • Snack food of choice: Smoked Almonds
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Mel Brooks
  • On my bucket list: Visit every professional baseball park in the U.S./Canada
  • Morning beverage: Coffee
  • Quirky habit: Sarcasm
  • Hobbies/interests: Fishing, boating, bicycling and jogging
  • My pets: Three cats: Oliver, Sabrina and Peanut
  • Funny moment at Allegra: When I first started with Allegra, someone filled my desk drawers with shreds of paper.

Nate Schmucker

Production Manager

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2008
  • Hometown: Mattawan, Michigan
  • Nickname: Naters, Nate the Great
  • Snack food of choice: Popcorn
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Nick Vujicic
  • On my bucket list: Go to Europe with my wife
  • Morning beverage: OJ
  • Quirky habit: Pranking Coworkers
  • Hobbies/interests: Basketball/Baseball, Hanging out with my kids
  • My pets: Bailey (Dog)
  • Funny moment at Allegra: Surprising coworkers with a cardboard cutout of the Biebs

Michelle DeVore

Account Manager

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2013
  • Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
  • Nickname: Meesh, Chelle
  • Snack food of choice: Better Made Caramel Popcorn or any ice cream imaginable
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Walt Disney
  • On my bucket list: Have a little girl, travel to Italy and Spain, Skydiving (even though heights scare me)
  • Morning beverage: Rockstar Fruit Punch
  • Quirky habit: I organize (for the fun of it)
  • Hobbies/interests: Bodybuilding, trying new recipes from food blogs, and going to Rock & Country concerts
  • My pets: My babies! I have a black lab named Montana, and a cat: Emmie
  • Funny moment at Allegra: My first day here I was sitting up in the conference room and all of a sudden, I heard Ice Cream Truck music. I thought I was imagining things, so I stepped into the sales office to ask if they heard it too. . .only to be met with laughter. Turns out that the music is a safety feature on our four color press! Needless to say, I will stop asking where the Ice Cream Truck is.

Kristin Ebert

Marketing Coordinator

  • Year Started at Allegra: Which time?
  • Hometown: Orland Park, IL
  • Nickname: Ms. Bartel
  • Snack food of choice: BBQ Chips, Pistachios
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Thomas Jefferson
  • On my bucket list: Attend the Rose Bowl Parade, Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, Travel to Greece
  • Morning beverage: Coffee
  • Quirky habit: Talking to my computer
  • Hobbies/interests: Photography, Pheasant hunting, anything creative
  • My pets: Griffin, a wire-haired pointer (pheasant-hunting dog)
  • Funny moment at Allegra: They usually happen when I’m not in the office

Hannah Bourque

Customer Service Representative

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2016
  • Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan
  • Nickname: Han
  • Snack food of choice: Carrots
  • Morning beverage: Green Tea
  • Quirky habit: Laughs at everything
  • Hobbies/interests: Crafting, art projects, running

Alex Root

Data Prep/Pre-Press

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2013
  • Hometown: North Branch, MI
  • Nickname: Bum
  • Snack food of choice: Cheez-Its
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • On my bucket list: Go skydiving and visit the Great Barrier Reef
  • Morning beverage: McDonalds Caramel Frappe
  • Quirky habit: I have a habit of not throwing my cups away in an effort to reuse them. However, I forget about them and always grab a new one. There may be 2 or 3 on my desk (or Tiff’s, where ever I leave them) at a time.
  • Hobbies/interests: Disc Golf, Longboarding, Golfing and Fishing
  • My pets: A Beta Fish named Berry
  • Funny moment at Allegra: The week my Monkey was abducted and held for the ransom of Orbit Peppermint Gum and Butter Rum Lifesavers. Liam Neeson had to come in and help straighten things out.

Donna McLeod

Prepress Technician

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2014
  • Hometown: Omer, MI (Michigan’s Smallest City)
  • Nickname: Dammit Donna
  • Snack food of choice: Popcorn
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Captain Morgan
  • On my bucket list: Vacation out west for a month
  • Morning beverage: Mimosa
  • Quirky habit: When walking up or down stairs, I count the number of steps,
  • Hobbies/interests: Motorcycling
  • My pets: Mongoose
  • Funny moment at Allegra: When we put a mattress on Mary’s car.

Carole Frarey

Production & Bindery

  • Year Started at Allegra: 1990
  • Hometown: Haslett
  • Nickname: Gunny, Master (both given by former delivery drivers; neither name stuck)
  • Snack food of choice: Popcorn
  • Famous person I'd like to meet: Martina McBride
  • On my bucket list:  My husband bought me a Harley for Valentine's Day. I have never driven a bike in my life. I am signed up for a class in May - wish me luck!
  • Morning beverage: Coffee
  • Hobbies/interests: Well aside from shopping-I enjoy riding motorcycles with my husband. We explore the state and get to meet lots of interesting people on our little mini adventures.
  • My pets:  Burton - black and white cat with green eyes. He was named by my youngest son after the snowboarding brand. He's very playful and loves to be brushed.
  • Funny moment at Allegra:  Over the years there have been many funny moments at Allegra - our team never lets things get too boring around here. Our top prankster had been playing tricks on the whole staff for a good three weeks or so - things like taping all of your items on your desk down, filling up the drawers with packing peanuts, parking his car so close to yours that you can't get in. So one day all the girls decided to take revenge: they took cases of scrap envelopes and packed his car full - he couldn't even get in it! It was funny! Of course, I had nothing to do with it, but did enjoy the look on his face. Needless to say, he stopped pranking everyone else, at least for a while.

Adam Klein

Press Operator

  • Year Started at Allegra: 1998
  • Hometown: Born in Detroit, Raised in Waterford
  • Snack food of choice: Steak
  • On my bucket list: Visit relatives in Scotland
  • Morning beverage: Pot of coffee
  • Quirky habit: Always thinking I’m right
  • Hobbies/interests: Boating, skiing, all things on the water
  • My pets: 3 dogs (rescued), 3 cats, 1 rabbit
  • Funny moment at Allegra: A Priest and a Rabbi walk into Allegra…

Rob Lowe

Press Operator

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2004
  • Hometown: Montrose, MI
  • Nickname: Roberto
  • Snack food of choice: Beef Jerkey (like candy)
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Ronald Reagan
  • On my bucket list: Sky diving
  • Morning beverage: Java
  • Quirky habit: Clapping my hands a lot
  • Hobbies/interests: Hunting, fishing, family
  • My pets: Black Lab – Harley and 3 Cats – Zoe Zoe, Loke Loke, Ci Ci
  • Funny moment at Allegra: When the spa company next door dropped a freakin’ hot tub on one of our employee’s car! And the police would not respond AND when the company prankster, Nate, got pranked himself – the bindery staff and operators were able to stuff 30,000 envelopes into his green 2 door small car! They were everywhere and so high in the car – they over the windows.

Mary Sutton

Production & Bindery

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2015
  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
  • Nickname: Nightmare
  • Snack food of choice: Cheese
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Kid Rock
  • On my bucket list: Own my own Harley
  • Morning beverage: Coffee
  • Quirky habit: Double check I have everything I need
  • Hobbies/interests: Riding with my husband on his Harley and up cycling old things
  • My pets: Andy, a 5 pound yorkie
  • Funny moment at Allegra: Finding a mattress on my car

Brandon Couch

Production & Bindery

  • Year Started at Allegra: 2015
  • Hometown: Grand Ledge, Michigan
  • Nickname: “B”
  • Snack food of choice: Wasabi/Soy Almonds
  • Famous person I’d like to meet: Adam Sandler
  • On my bucket list: Sky Dive
  • Morning beverage: Coffee
  • Quirky habit: Leaving my drinks everywhere I go
  • Hobbies/interests: Sports and backpacking (Hockey)
  • My pets: Dog named Lt. Dan
  • Funny moment at Allegra: Just being the new guy (everything gets blamed on me).

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