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Karl Hughes


As the President of Allegra, Karl ensure his employees have the tools they need to do an outstanding job. He loves working with the fun and great people on his team, and gets a lot of satisfaction from helping customers achieve what they need. He manages sales, customer relations, and a little bit of everything.

Educated to become a physicist, Karl quickly realized he had to find a career path that would keep dinner on the table. So instead he became a software guy - for over 35 years! His days of coding involved many international adventures, and often found himself on all sorts of escapades as he and his team found creative ways to sell their software. Throughout the years he has had many other quirky jobs before opening Allegra in 2009.

Karl has always had a knack for building things, from building computers as a child to building how own boat as an adult. He has a solid reputation as someone who can fix anything and everything.

Locally, Karl is involved in Rotary and has been on Board of Chehalem Youth and Family Services (CYFS) for many years. He enjoys how Newberg is full of people who participate in charitable works and are community minded.

Nancy Hughes

Manager & Co-Owner

Together, Karl & Nancy started a new chapter in their lives in 2009 when they became owners of Allegra. Nancy is the Manager at Allegra, primarily managing personnel and other essential duties.

She loves the community spirit of Newberg and is active in Newberg Kiwanis. She spearheaded the metal recycling event that began in 2013 and continues to this day.

Karl and Nancy have two children, and now three grandchildren - who are all exceptional and very good looking, of course!

Michael Comfort

Senior Graphic Designer

Mike began using non-repro blue pencils, Rapidographs, and X-Acto knifes professionally at Printistry in McMinnville, Oregon in 1986. In 1993, with his first Mac he added vector and pixel-based design tools: FreeHand, QuarkXpress, and Photoshop. Mike has been with Allegra since it opened in 2008.

These days, he works remotely from his home north of Madras (or anywhere else he can get Wi-Fi or a cell phone signal), and spends practically all of his time creating new things in Illustrator, InDesign, and PhotoShop. Occasionally he still picks up a pencil and pen.

Bethany Duff

Bindery Manager & Quality Control

Bethany has worked with Allegra since 2013. Bethany is responsible for all paper cutting, boxing, folding, booklets, finalizing products, and ensuring all products are how they should be. Bethany gets to use a lot of fancy machinery, including the heavy-duty binder and cutting tools. She really likes the flexibility of her work. She has worked in other print shops, as a bank teller, and as a stay-at-home mom with her kiddos. She has two boys, and she loves hanging out with her family. She makes rag quilts in her spare time and has made close to 200 of them, which she sells and gives as gifts to friends. Her sons like to help her too.

Amanda Greene


Amanda has been helping Allegra clients with their website needs since 2015. As a website developer, her goal is to create websites that help clients achieve their mission and enhance their web presence. Her experience with design, writing, visual media, and programming allow her to balance all the essential skills necessary to create a great website.

She really values listening, being flexible, and having a "YES, we can do that!" kind of attitude, and will confidently help people find the solutions they are looking for.

Amanda loves spending time with her husband and two small children, writing, exploring outdoors, creating art, and practicing kung fu.

Drew Littlefield

Graphic Designer

Drew Littlefield moved from Rockaway Beach, Oregon to Newberg in 2009, finishing up high school at C. S. Lewis Academy. Following high school, Drew attended George Fox University where he earned his B.A. in Graphic Design. Having done his Graphic Design Internship in 2014 with Allegra, it seemed fitting to him to stay local In the Newberg area. He obtained a graphic design position with Allegra in winter of 2015.

Drew has a passion for how Graphic Design applies to marketing and can enhance the business world, as well as how to optimally serve the customers' needs.

In his spare time he enjoys sports, the outdoors, designing, and spending time with his family & beautiful wife.

Shoshannah Smith

Manager/ Solutions Specialist

Shoshannah is a natural problem solver. Bring her any problem, and she will find the solution! Shoshannah started at Allegra in 2012, and has worked in the printing industry since 2006. Always going the extra mile, Shoshannah works with clients to address their needs -- even BEYOND print. She puts people at ease and instills confidence that they are in good hands. Clients truly enjoy working with her.

As the Allegra Newberg Production Manager and SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, she manages all aspects of a job, be it Design, Print, Marketing, Promotional Products, and/or Signage. She handles all the details to be certain a project is delivered on time, on budget, and with unsurpassed quality. Overall, she ensures clients are completely satisfied with their order.

As an avid book lover, Shoshannah has always loved print. Whether it was in one of her favorite printed stories or helping a client with their print work, she has always loved the textures of paper, the creativity of design, and how new technologies and old techniques can unite to create the best outcomes. Shoshannah loves her big family: her artist husband, six kids (four girls and two boys, ranging from 5 to 24), her younger brother, and three dogs. On weekends and all summer, she and her family spend their spare time getting a slice of a more exciting life: being pirates!

Fynnegan (Fynn) Amerghain

Greeting Dog & Snack Management

Fynn acts as the Allegra greeter and general overseer. His keen eye catches any signs or sound that a treat might be near. He manages on 3 legs better than many dogs do on 4!

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