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Often considered the end of the creative process, printing is in many cases just the beginning. What often comes next is fulfillment. This is the stage when printed materials are gathered, packaged and distributed to your prospects or customers.

While some fulfillment jobs such as stuffing envelopes with letters and reply cards are relatively easy, many more can benefit from the expertise of an experienced pro like Allegra.

Your package, for example, may include a letter printed by one vendor, a product sourced from another, and an instruction booklet provided by yet a third. Depending on your delivery schedule, secure storage might be required for some materials before package assembly. And, of course, different recipients could be targeted for various items; those on one list to get the small blue widgets, recipients on another list to receive the oversize green ones, along with a frame and assembly instructions.

Is fulfillment completed once your packages are in the hands of the post office or delivery service? Not with Allegra. Rely on us to issue reports detailing orders, shipments, inventory levels and other data to ensure you have a full picture.

For your next mail effort, look to Allegra to handle not only design and printing, but also fulfillment. Ask us about our time-saving and cost-effective solutions!

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