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New Infographic Informs Business-to-Business Marketers of Key Strategies and Trends

Allegra Marketing Print Mail has released a new infographic on The Ins and Outs of B2B Marketing. The infographic highlights marketing facts, channel preferences and trends...

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Eric Tronson

Owner/Sales Team Leader

Team: Sales. Also Known As: Owner & Fire Chief. I have worked in the Graphics Communication industry all of my life. I started running presses when I was 17 years old and have worked in every aspect of this industry for 25 some odd years now. Most of those years were with our formerly named company Insty-Prints, then I took a break in 2000 to become a sales rep for a large commercial printing company. That experience really opened my eyes to even more avenues of solutions for our customers. I returned to Insty-Prints in 2006 and in 2007 became an owner. I ended up changing our name to Allegra Great Falls in 2008 to move into this new Solutions based marketing company arena to provide total solutions for our customers. I love working here at Allegra Great Falls. We work with so many different, fun, exciting companies and customers. I never know what our next project will be and what sort of solution we can come up with for our customer to help them build their relationships with their customers. The crew that works here at Allegra is a great group of people. They work very hard and are genuinely concerned about the products and materials they produce for our customers. It is a fun stress-filled environment and the work days fly by! I am very involved in our community church. I love to play golf. Our family does a lot of camping and fishing. We also try to get up skiing as much as we can. Montana is a beautiful state with so many outdoor activities! My wife Andy and I are co-owners of the business. We have a beautiful family that brings lots of joy to our lives. We have four children. Two boys and two girls ranging in ages from 20 years old to 2 years old. We always joke around saying that we will be going to school concerts and athletic games for 38 years in a row!

Andy Tronson

Owner/Production Team Leader

Team: Production. Past work experiences: The Peak, swim coach 6 years The Center for Mental Health, Children's Case Management Coordinator 7 years What I like about working here: I enjoy the fast pace and always changing jobs due every day. It is also very rewarding seeing the finished product when out in public and knowing that the Allegra team produced it. The work environment is upbeat and The Allegra Team Members are always helping each other out when needed. Hobbies I enjoy running and anything to do with water. I recently started cross-fit training and I am loving the challenges of it. I'm a horrible golfer but I enjoy being on the golf course. We recently purchased a camper so that will be my new challenge this summer. Special People I have the amazing opportunity to work with my husband every day at Allegra, and at the end of the day, we still are on speaking terms. I also have an amazing family with a step son and daughter, and a boy and girl at home. Needless to say, life is always interesting and full of laughter and competition in my household. Favorite quote You only live once, and if you do it right, once is all you need... Mae West

Lisa McKinney

Job Planner

Team: Sales Experience: Lisa has worked in the printing industry for years and has great attention to details.

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