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Allyson Harwood

Customer Service/Production

Allyson was born in London, England, then moved to Cold Springs in upstate New York, where she lived until the age of twelve. She attended boarding school in Washington, Connecticut before moving to Phoenix. She lived in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for thirty-three years and subsequently moved to the Verde Valley to be closer to her fiancé and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. She currently resides in Cornville. Allyson worked in the printing industry for over twenty years while in Phoenix. She specialized in running printing presses, digital presses and cutters to produce quality work. "I feel very accomplished when I get to see the final product," she says, "creating books, forms, business cards and all things printed." She loves hiking, kayaking, fishing and camping. An avid rider, she gets a lot of joy working on and maintaining her own motorcycles. She is working toward having a home with acreage where she can plant a vegetable garden and find a place for quiet solitude. "My goal is to learn something new every day and to enjoy what I am doing." Allyson says that her job at Allegra has given her a unique opportunity to learn new and exciting technology. "I am getting to meet wonderful customers, provide excellent customer service and be part of a great team. I am fortunate to be able to work somewhere I love." Contact: | 928-634-8600

Charlotte Chase


Charlotte grew up in southeast Michigan, known for its numerous lakes and verdant scenery. She earned four degrees from Michigan universities, the most recent a PhD in Instructional Technology. She has been teaching in traditional and on-line settings for over twenty years and has extensive background in human resource development and counseling. Moving to Arizona to escape the long, gray winters of Michigan, Charlotte is delighted to now live in an area where the sun shines most of the time and overcast days are the exception. She and her husband Steve opened Allegra Design Print and Signs in 2007. In the ensuing years, she has become adept at crafting print, sign and promotional products to maximize the impact of customers' messages. Despite Arizona's heat and dry soil conditions (very different from her native state), she still enjoys the challenge of desert gardening, and has beautiful roses and fruit trees to show for it. Often, you may also find her curled up with her five cats, engrossed in a murder mystery. Her five-year plan includes hitting the road in a new RV and managing the business remotely. She has also set her eye on writing a newspaper column, providing local businesses with practical advice on improving the performance of their operations. Faith and family come first in Charlotte's life. Responding to their needs and being a supportive force in their lives is paramount. This same caring nature can be seen in her relationships with her customers. "Providing customer service and high-quality print and promotional products to our customers is a primary goal for me," she says. "I like the interaction with customers and helping them meet their goals for their businesses. It is such a thrill to be able to work together to resolve a problem or convey their message." Contact: | 928-634-8600

Steve Clark


Steve was born and raised in southeast Michigan. His college education reflects his wide ranging interests, having studied anthropology and linguistics, American Sign Language and electrical engineering. He finally settled down and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management from Lawrence Technological University. Steve was hired by Michigan Bell in 1968 and, as he likes to put it, "I was looking for a summer job and finally left after 38 years." During that time he worked as a technician installing and servicing a wide variety of technologies, as an instructor and training manager, and as supervisor both in Michigan as well as California. Once he left the industry, he decided to open a business in northern Arizona to enjoy the warmer weather and the spectacular scenery. He opened Allegra Design Print and Signs in February of 2007. In its first years, Allegra Cottonwood won several consecutive sales awards, thanks in large measure to the excellent business climate in the Verde Valley. Under his leadership, the business has grown over the years to serve customers across the United States. Steve likes to hike and volunteer for local charities in his spare time. He loves to travel, especially to Europe, and was once an active musician, singing and playing several instruments. Contact: | 928-634-8600

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