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David Dickey


David has owned and operated small businesses in the past, and always placed an emphasis on providing exceptional service to his customers. Always looking for ways to help anyone in need, he has continued the tradition set forth by previous owners of providing support to both the Bozeman community and local nonprofit organizations, while growing the Allegra brand and offering even more products and services to its customers.

Jackie Sorensen


Jackie has been part of the Allegra team since 1994. She has worked in multiple aspects of the business. Jackie settled into the role of bookkeeper in 2001 and has been counting our beans ever since.

Taylor Adams

Production Manager

Taylor graduated from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. She keeps the wheels on the Allegra train moving, making sure stuff gets done on time and on budget! In her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, camping and being married to Tyler.

Peggy Stroyan


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Kayla Furlong

Customer Solutions Provider

Kayla grew up in a small ranching town on the coast of Northern California. Looking for a new adventure away from what she knew, Kayla packed up everything and moved to Montana to attend Montana State University. Coming from a small high school that only had the required classes to take, she was unsure of what she wanted to major in. Starting out as a business degree, she decided to change majors to something that she was more passionate about. She looked into receiving a degree in both graphic design and sociology. To stay on the four year track she decided to receive her degree in Sociology and graduated in 2017. With her passion for creativity, and her interest in graphic design she found a job here at Allegra to see if graphic design was something that she wanted to pursue. Starting the Monday after she graduated, Kayla found her true passion for design here at Allegra and is now looking into going back to school for graphic design. In her spare time she loves to bring her creativity to the kitchen when creating meals as well as desserts for her family and friends. She also enjoys camping, hiking and doing anything that involves sports.

Connie Griffin


Contact us today and say hello to your team. We are ready to get to work.

Tom Beausoleil


Tom's print shop experience goes back to the days of photo-typesetting when cut and paste involved scissors and a glue stick, not keys on the lower left of the keyboard. Desktop publishing greatly expanded the capabilities and creativity of printed media, for better or worse (check your personalized junk mail). In previous employment, Tom utilized the services of what was then known as Insty-Prints. He joined Dan and the crew more than 5 years ago and continues to enjoy the work, employees, and customers of Allegra.

Ann Maroso


Originally from Illinois, Ann moved to Montana in 2008. She has worked at Allegra for the past several years both as a Customer Solutions Provider and in the graphics/prepress department. She has a BFA and MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois and enjoys hiking and running.

Jessica Oster

Client Service Manager

Jessica started working in printing shops when she was 14 with her mom. She studied graphic arts and printing at Front Range Community College in Boulder, Colorado. She moved on to be the student aide and pressman at CDC Printing Trades in Longmont, Colorado. She has an impressive history in graphic arts over the last 24 years, holding job titles such as: Art Director, Layout Coordinator, Graphic Designer and Marketing, Online Sales Specialist and more. Jessica is originally from the Denver metro area in Colorado, but has called Montana home since 2007 and moved to the Gallatin valley in 2017. She is a wife, mother of 3, and enjoys motorcycle riding, camping, archery hunting and films her hunts for Whitetail Frenzy.

Katelyn (Katie) Andrews

Customer Solutions Provider

Katelyn, better known as Katie is a Montana native. Growing up in small town Ronan, MT she fell in love with the mountains, the water she was surrounded by and started taking pictures while on hikes, camping and scenic views around her. The beginning of her creative lifestyle began in photography while on adventures. Venturing into the more digital world her high school tech teacher got her working in photoshop and soon the entire Adobe Creative Suite as she continued her love for the arts. Soon after hs graduation, Katie moved down south and graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2015. She has since worked in the different parts of the print industry from graphic design, pre-press, production and bindery. In her free time, she is diy-ing in aspiration to make her home a Joanna Gaines home from Fixer Upper, out of service in the wilderness exploring with her fiancé and loving on her 4 legged babies. Katie is a proudly hardcore dog mom to 2 (Dirk and Darbee)

Ed Hystad

Pre-press and Bindery

Ed has have lived in Bozeman, Montana since the early 1970s. He graduated from MSU with a degree in Graphic Design. He has been a designer for over 25 years and has worked in the printing industry for nearly 20 years. Ed has been married for 15 years and has two step children, three adopted children, and five grandsons all under the age of 5 (waiting for a granddaughter). His wife and him like to travel. Among the many things on our bucket list is to visit every state and national park.

Gunner the Dog

Allegra Dog

Contact us today and say hello to your team. We are ready to get to work.

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