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Eleven Allegra Franchise Locations on Printing News Magazine’s Annual Top 100 List

Eleven Allegra franchise locations have been named to the Printing News Top 100 Quick & Small Commercial Printers list. Allegra Network’s corporate-owned center in Plymouth, Mich., ranked eighth overall in the listing...

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Strategy and seasonality.

Great themes to consider when deciding on which promotional product to brand for your clients.

It’s better to have your clients rolling into a new season with already branded merch and season ready promo products, then be a month or two behind wishing you would have.

Make an even smarter move and get ahead of the season.

Try and gauge a season ahead when deciding on the products.

You’ll not only almost certainly get better pricing, but you’ll have room to make corrections and work with your Allegra lead when creating the perfect promotional product.

Couple more reasons….

  1. Price
    1. Not purchasing hot items in the heat (or chill) of the season will often times garner you immediate savings and maybe even give you access to items that are losing their shelf life from your local promotional product provider. Much like airlines and hotel rooms, beating the curve can help you with that already tight budget.
  2. Timeline
    1. It takes time, as you’re aware, to brand any promotional product. If you can plan a couple months out, you’re almost guaranteed the exact product you want and also have time to make small adjustments if needed.
  3. Positioning
    1. Chances are, as smart and witty as you are, your competitors are going to be purchasing the same promotional goods as you.

Why not beat them to the punch?

By lining out your yearly needs and outlining your budget, you can beat the competition to the front lines and show even more compassion and awareness for those clients that are helping your sales the most.

Visit the link below for a full catalogue of some great Fall (strategy here folks) promotional products today!

Promotional Products

Why promo products are worth it

“Shot to the Heart and you’re to blame!” Shameless Bon Jovi plug

I’m imagining this is the theme song your boss is playing on repeat in their office after you propose your promotional goods budget for the year.

Here’s a few strong points to support that recent marketing budget proposal and might cool down your supervisor.

  1. Your clients know
    1. It’s very clear when you cheap out on promotional goods. A $1.50 pen vs a $0.50 pen will eventually show its true self. It’ll start bleeding in your favorite client’s new shirt. The clicker spring might jump out and attack them in the middle of a board meeting, or you might lose a sale because the ballpoint fell out when they were about to sign your contract (with your logo front and center on the pen).
  1. It screams your level of TRUE appreciation
    1. A cheaper product can send strong signals as to how much you actually value their business. Spending another $100 on those wine totes show a lot more than just quality of your promotional good. Adding another line item to your promotional goods budget can add a level of trust and gratitude between you and your favorite clients. We live in a material world (Madonna shout out) and it’s nice every once in a while to share that with your clients in a more meaningful way.
  1. Leveling up
    1. This isn’t a Mortal Kombat reference. This is a chance to have word of mouth be your best ally. A well-produced and strongly branded product has a ripple effect when you’re wanting to level up and increase the inflow of higher value clients.

I guarantee your client gets asked about that S’well vacuum water bottle next time they share some mat time at the yoga studio.

And guess whose logo is on it...

Level up your promo goods = Level up your high dollar client base

Limited budget promotional goods

We can’t always swing for the fences and, often times, it’s because of a limited budget.

It doesn't mean we can’t be creative though!

Let’s stretch that dollar and see what products work with a tight budget.




Not bad, right?!

You don’t have to break the bank to wow your clients with great promotional products. Click the hyperlink or on the products themselves to learn how Bozeman Allegra Print and Mail can help with your next promo purchase today!

Take advantage of your area

Knowing your area and the key demographic you’re targeting can help make your promotional product selection not only easier, but much more strategic when compared to your competition.

To gain market knowledge, go to a local grocer, coffee shop, library, music hall, anywhere where your most focused consumer spends their time and just, be aware.

Look for subtle nuances in their spending habits, items they bring along to those small journeys, the cohorts they mingle with, and even the blend of coffee they prefer.

All these subtle clues can play huge roles into understanding what promotional product will speak to them, and more importantly, those you haven’t spoken with yet. Do your homework and make a larger impact the first time.

Some questions and recommendations are below to help you begin to narrow down that promotional product selection.

Does your town promote using your reusable grocery totes?

Have you noticed the power of the pen is prominent among the business people?

Maybe you’re in a rural area and know the town people appreciate subtlety?

For those city clusters promoting “Going Green,” here are some products that lineup with that township and general demographic.

For those movers and shakers looking to make an impact in the realm of business, see below.

When you run into your neighbor at every town locale and ag may be a prominent industry, checkout the promo products below.

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