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Printing News Magazine’s Annual Top 100 List Includes 15 Allegra Marketing Print Mail Locations

Fifteen Allegra franchise locations are ranked among the Printing News Top 100 Quick & Small Commercial Printers, growing Allegra’s presence on the list for the fourth consecutive year...

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Joseph Mullan


President and CEO of Allegra Marketing Print Mail. Joe is focused on improving brand targeting and messaging through a variety of communications vehicles - with a primary focus on visual communications. Graduated from London Business School in Financing, holds an MBA in Finance from CU, and a BS in Economics & Marketing from CSU. Before becoming the captain of the Allegra ship, Joe was COO of BP, leading the development and expansion of a relatively new in-house consultancy with a focus on operations and performance management.

Liz Wiler

Account Executive

I bring more than twenty years experience in print and marketing and I know what works. I believe in the power of print, am committed to the idea that my industry is not dying, but rather experiencing a renaissance of new awareness and the value it brings to all other industry. My biggest satisfaction comes from helping my clients with effective, efficient print and marketing campaigns with measurable results. Specialties: branding and identity work, job planning, scheduling, job engineering, implementation, and job management.

Skye Konz

Web Development & eCommerce

Skye brings a variety of print knowledge to the Allegra team. She is not afraid to jump into a project to get it done or find a solution to your print or marketing needs. With over 20 years of experience, she is hands-on when it comes to your website development and design.

Debbie Wineberg

General Manager (Aurora Location)

Debbie, a Colorado native, brings us over 25 years of experience in the printing industry. First printing on the press, then as a customer service representative for ColorTech Printing before joining the Allegra team. Do you have a question about your print job? Guaranteed she'll know the answer!

Jeri Stunkard

Graphic Designer

I began my career back when Apple introduced their state-of-the-art 1.44MB floppy disk computer, when graphic designers ordered their typesetting from a type-house, and before photoshop became a verb. (Whew, that is a long time!) A lot has changed since that time. Some good, like spell check. Some not so good, like leg warmers are back in fashion. One thing that has never changed is the power of good design. Good design matters. Good design speaks to you. It appeals to your senses. It has the power to create a wide range of emotions. It can make you smile, or it can make you cry. Good design engages your audience, making them want to buy what you are selling. Whether you are selling a product, service, or idea. That is what I do. Create good design.

Shelby Treloar

General Manager (Boulder Location)

What is great about working in the print industry is that we are hands-on with the project, not only do I get to design it, but I also get to make your project come to life. I oversee it in pre-press, follow it along to plating and printing, and then watch it come alive in bindery. Marketing is taken to a whole new level when customers can touch it, feel it, and interact with it. Print is powerful and that is why I believe in the Power of Print. Call us today and say hello to your team. We are ready to get to work.

Cait Hess

Graphic Designer

Cait is a recent transplant to Colorado from Delaware and brings 7 years of experience in Graphic Design and Marketing to our team. Cait is a creative, reliable, hard-working designer who has helped businesses and individuals sell their products, their services, and their ideas. In her spare time she is usually working on a new painting or creative project.

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