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Display crisis-related safety reminders or directional messages prominently with ceiling signs and hanging signs from Allegra. Many businesses and organizations rely on ceiling signs and hanging signs when wall or window options aren’t practical. Others employ them to complement graphic solutions that are mounted on walls, windows or floors. Visitors might miss one or two messages but not all! 

Alert people to changes in your space 

Allegra ceiling signs and hanging signs capture attention even in the largest spaces. Consider them for supermarkets, schools, hospitals, factories, malls, terminals and stadiums. Use them to: 

  • Alert people to one-way aisles  
  • Direct pedestrian traffic, e.g., “Line forms here” 
  • Identify hand-sanitizing stations or registration desks  
  • Mark “no-entry” areas or special-access spaces 
  • Point people to primary entrances or exits 
  • Promote health or safety best practices  
  • Remind visitors of social distancing 

Select the type that’s best for your application 

With options for every application and budget, ceiling signs and hanging signs from Allegra deliver excellent flexibility:   

  • Choose from solutions in virtually any size or shape
  • Customize them with arrows and directional messages 
  • Select from one-sided or two-sided types 

Look to Allegra for creative custom sign designs  

If you need help designing your ceiling signs or hanging signs, rely on Allegra’s talented graphics team for expert assistance. Highly experienced, they'll create the look you want with vibrant colors, graphics, typefaces and shapes. Do you have an idea in mind? You can also share it with us. Our designers will see your rough sketch through to an eye-catching finished product! 

Contact Allegra today for all your ceiling and hanging sign design, production and delivery needs. Installations and removals, too! 

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