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Customer Reviews 

Jourdan was totally on top of it! We ask for last minute requests OFTEN and she gets things right to the art department and production to meet the deadline. It's greatly appreciated!
-Nikki Mitchell

"Keith is amazing!"
-Julie G. Willard

"Sales person had a great attitude...very pleasant"
-Pattie Ellis

"Jourdan is always a joy to work with and is very attentive to both the customer and deadlines."
-Chris Rainwater

"Amanda is very attentive to our needs and timelines, she is pleasant to work with"
-Jeff Palmer

"We love Marina and love the fact you are a sponsor!"
-Tami Ruckman

"Easy process for me."
-Keila Levs

"Service was fast and super-easy, and price was very reasonable. Thank you!"
-Diane Bonsall

"We are always very pleased with Allegra and the West Asheville store specifically."
-Jamye Davis

"Amanda Morgan is always so helpful and quick! I make a request and have my proof by that day and my product within just a couple of days!"
-Jackie Rice

"I didn't catch the womans name that was in the office when we came to pick up, but she was wonderful! I brought my 20 month old daughter in and she was very patient and kind with us."

"Amanda is absolutely the best!!!"
-Barbara Howell

"I was a little frustrated by the time it took to get a finalized proof. I was trying to get the postcards out fairly quickly. I was told it would take 2-3 days for my proof to be made, but it ended up being over 1 week for the first draft, that was only after I e-mailed to see when it would be ready."
-Jamin Quilla

"Fed-Ex delivered the order to someone other than me. I called your office and reported the problem on a Monday. I called back in a few days later and followed with someone else. I have since received the replacement order. Thank you for rectifying this for me."
-Mike Seibert

"Amanda M is great to work with!"
-Michaelanne Parsons

I have used Allegra in the past. We are always pleased with the product, timeliness and customer service. Thank you for always handling our needs in a courteous, quick and professional manner.
-Joan Clark

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